Sustainable Brands 2020 YOKOHAMA

WHEN: 19-20 February, 2020

An Opportunity for Forward-thinking Brands

At SB’20 Yokohama, brands can gain the tools they need to move from traditional marketing to mattering to people and learn how to incorporate the concepts of ‘balance,’ ‘simplicity’ and ‘moderation’ that consumers now crave. They can use science, technology, storytelling and unlikely partnerships to meet the underlying demand for The Good Life and ultimately win in the market.

Delivering the Good Life

Join us in Yokohama this year as we kick off a fresh exploration of the power and potential risks of science, technology, storytelling and unlikely partnerships to deliver on the Good. Our brand-innovating change-makers are leading the way to the future, and winning in the market by doing so. You can too! We’ve got a solid roadmap, lots of insights and expertise to share with you, and many willing collaborators waiting to welcome you to the table.

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    World-Class Speaker
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Plenary Speakers

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Brands That will Present at SB Yokohama

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