SB'22 Yokohama
February 24-25, 2022 | Pacifico Yokohama North
SB Online Archive streaming :March 1st -31st,2022
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Sustainable Brands 2022 Yokohama

Sustainable Brands events span the globe and bring together an international community of change agents and it is the longest-standing Sustainable Brands event.

SB'22 Yokohama is the conference for purpose-driven business. As we return to a post-pandemic world, the urgent need for transformational change on a global scale is undeniable.

Recovering, vulnerable economies add another multifaceted challenge to a long list of sustainability crises we are facing – from climate, to water, to deforestation, to biodiversity loss, to inequality, to injustice, to corruption and disinformation.

There is a better way. At SB’22 Yokohama, we will examine how ‘regeneration’, particularly at the intersection of business innovation and brand building, can create a win-win wave of prosperity.


Through a combination of state-of-the-art live event safety standards and digital technology, Sustainable Brands bringing together a community of change agents at SB’22 Yokohama.

SB team is implementing key measures to protect against COVID-19, including frequent cleaning and disinfection, physical distancing, and wearing of masks where distancing is not possible.

  • 4500+
  • 200+
  • 70+

A Roadmap for Results

Experience a conference program that is designed to transform your organization from the inside out.

  • Brand Purpose

    The journey toward consistently leveraging the power of marketing, communications, PR and other stakeholder engagement to drive a systemic shift toward a healthier, happier and more balanced world.

  • Behavior Change

    The journey toward defining, articulating, embedding and fully activating environmental and/or social purpose beyond producing profit.

  • Governance & Metrics

    The journey toward transparency, integrity and leadership in governance, as well as the absence of any conflicts or misalignment with the other four pillars of becoming a sustainable brand.

  • Operations & Supply Chain

    The journey toward operations and supply chain that do no harm to either society or the environment, while also healing and restoring parts of nature and society as necessary for overall resilience and flourishing.

  • Design & Business Model

    The journey toward designing and delivering products and services that result in sustainable outcomes across the whole life cycle and along the whole value chain.

  • CMO
  • CEO | CFO
  • CSO

Plenary Speakers

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