SB 2016 Tokyo Symposium
First in Japan
February 24,2016(Wed)
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Integration of CSR & Branding

Launched in 2006, Sustainable Brands has become a global learning, collaboration, and commerce community of forward-thinking business and brand strategy, marketing, innovation and sustainability professionals who are leading the way to a better future. We recognize that brands today have a unique role to play in both focusing corporate energy and also influencing culture. We seek to enable the success of better brands that are helping shift the world to a sustainable economy by helping them embed purpose-driven environmental and social innovation into the DNA of their business so that sustainability becomes a core driver of business and brand value.

About SB 2016 Tokyo Symposium

SB 2016 Tokyo Symposium will be a great place to learn innovative activities , and connect with professionals from different perspectives and disciplines in an optimistic, collaborative environment and create a shared vision of what is possible.

About SB 2016 Tokyo Symposium

Integration of CSR and branding/Fusion of business and social problem solving
Hakuten CO., LTD.( Sustainable Brands 2016 Tokyo Symposium Committee)/Sustainable Life Media, Inc.
February 24, 2016 (Wed) 10:30- 19:00 (Registration starts from 10am)
Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 5th Floor, 1-23-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line:Toranomon Station Exit 1 on foot Approx 5 minutes
Registration fee
-¥6,000-for Attendee
-¥3,000-for NGO/NPO
-¥1,000-for Student

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10:00-10:30 Registration starts
Open innovation for Enterprise, Regional administration, and NPO

On the one hand, the overconcentration of the economy and population density in Tokyo continues to progress even though the countryside in Japan is blessed with four beautiful seasons and is rich in a variety of nature, history, landscape, & culture. On the other hand, sensitive young workers are attracted to the countryside and some even move their bases there as consumption trends & business mindsets are changing from “Material value (Mono)” to “Emotional value (Koto)”, from functionality to spirituality, & from competition to cooperation.
The consumer market seems calm & immutable on the surface, however, deep down there are powerful currents of change. This session is to introduce 1) how local businesses can subsume the diversity while strengthening cooperation with government, NPO, financial institutions, and even with local residents & consumers, 2) how they develop their own branding while attracting & inducing innovation. Also we discuss how to balance amongst Planet, People & Profit.

Prof. Shigeki Aoki
(Sustainable Brands Tokyo Academic Producer / Professor of Faculty of Business Administration, Komazawa University)
Hayato Shimizu
(Mayor of Saitama City)
Yoko Takahashi
(President, Japan Philanthropic Association)
Yoshihiko Yagyu
(Adviser, Shodoshima Healthyland Co., Ltd.)
Sustainable Branding for B2B

Many business people think that "sustainable branding and implementation of CSR are difficult, especially for a B2B company compared to B2C". Indeed, B2B companies might have less touchpoints with an unspecified number of customers and society because of its limited suppliers and users. Nevertheless there is always the presence of society behind the customers. This session is to explore the possibility of B2B business with sustainable branding by introducing a case study of Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Systems Company that focuses on B2S (Business to Society).

Setsu Mori
(Sustainable Brands Tokyo Producer / CEO, Alterna)
Norio Masuda
(Director of Strategic Branding and CSR Departmant, Brand and Communications, Hitachi,Ltd.Information & Telecommunication Systems Company)
Kumiko Hori
(Executive Director, Community Affairs,Diversity & Inclusion - Japan & Korea, UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd.)
Osamu Nishimura
(Manager, Sales planing department, Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd)
12:00-13:00 LUNCH BREAK
Why sustainability is at the heart of future success for brands
Dr. Sirikul Nui Laukaikul
(Managing Partner Sustainable Brands / The Brandbeing Consultant Co., Ltd Brand & Sustainability Consultant)
What is a Sustainable Brands, how should enterprise take actions?

What is the definition of "Sustainable Brands"?
How should Japanese enterprise take action?
In Japan, there is not so many enterprises realized that their action is Actually integrating sustainability and corporate branding yet.
However, the mind of sustainability in Japan is increasing by year and year.
In this panel discussion, we are going to discuss and share what sustainable branding is using oversea case study.
Through this session, all attendees will have image and design of their own " Sustainable branding"

Dr. Naoki Adachi
(CEO, Response Ability,Inc.)
Prof. Shigeki Aoki
(Sustainable Brands Tokyo Academic Producer / Professor of Faculty of Business Administration, Komazawa University)
Peter David Pedersen
(Co-founder E-Square Inc. / Co-founder, NELIS - Next Leaders' Initiative for Sustainability)
Dr. Sirikul Nui Laukaikul
(Managing Partner Sustainable Brands / The Brandbeing Consultant Co., Ltd Brand & Sustainability Consultant)
Special Keynote
Enhance a corporate Quality and Brand by sustainability

Mr. Toshio Arima, former Fuji Xerox president, holds the position of Chairman of the Board of the Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ). The United Nations Global Compact is a United Nations initiative signed by over 8,000 private corporate participants & 4,000 organizations worldwide and it consists of 10 principles including human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Mr. Arima emphasizes that "all 10 principles lead to sustainability and are important to enhance corporate management quality". In this session, Mr. Arima will talk about the relationship between sustainability & management.

Toshio Arima
(Boad Member, United Nations Global Compact / Chairman of the Board, Global Compact Network Japan / Chairperson, Japan Platform /Executive Advisor, Fuji Xerox Co.,Ltd.)
Sustainable Brands | Case Study of Japanese Enterprises

Ajinomoto, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Recruit have integrated sustainability into its brand and they will talk about its history, achievements and future prospects in this session. Ajinomoto has developed a nutritional supplement business in which soybeans are the main ingredient. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings have the vision called "KAITEKI", which aims to build a new relationship with the society, and they focus on engagement with society.

Prof. Shinichi Takemura
(Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design.) Tangible Earth / Tangible Earth demonstration video
Kenzaburo Takahashi
(Corporate Fellow, General Manager, Public Communications Dept, AJINOMOTO CO.,INC.)
Mina Kanda
(Group Manager, KAITEKI Group, Corporate Strategy Office(General & Chemical) , Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation)
Terumi Hanagata
(Executive Manager, Social Enterprise Office, Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.)
Setsu Mori
(Sustainable Brands Tokyo Producer / CEO, Alterna)

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